Very Reluctantly Obsoleting PAN

At the Berlin SuperBooth2017 we introduced our XYZ-sensitive keyboard for Pan.
In 2019 our waitlist had grown to over 200 enthused composers, musicians, producers and sound designers. In 2020 nature interfered… COVID kept the world in lockdown. Subcontractors folded, custom designed parts did not get finished, supply-chains dried-up, a shortage until 2027 for our chips – Pan and the SyntoNovo team were floored by the virus.

Exactly half a century ago, 1973, Synton conceived Syrinx, the first synth with a formant filter and a unique control pad. It took until 1983 to get Syrinx on the market. Today there are still several hundred around of them, treasured by their proud owners.
To cut a sensitive, long story: another four or five years to get Pan out in a world changing at lightning speed is not realistic. After half a century it’s too much to ask of the original Synton team, old farts Felix Visser & Bert Vermeulen, and asking too much of providence. Anybody with a long breath, wanting to accomplish or adapt the mission, will definitely announce it widely... one day… meanwhile, for Syrinx and Pan:

There will be other songs to sing, Another fall, another spring…
But there will never be another you…

We’re very sad and terribly sorry. Thank you so much for having beared with us.