11 MAY 2019
Lots of ah’s and oh’s at The Berlin Superbooth 2019 International Synthesizer Exhibition at the SyntoNovo/TINRS booth. Headphones project from 1987 by Dutch electro-artist Piet Jan Blauw, today’s Fenix IV Modular Synth and the Pan cordless modular synth with XYZPression keyboard, attracted many vistors generating many pre-orders for Synton concepts of the 80s, now evolved into contemporary and techically and industrially refined designs for new generations of sound designers, music makers and performers.

Pan 2019, hyper-sensitive in all dimensions, production being planned for September/October 2019.
Pan 2019, hyper-sensitive in all dimensions.
Fenix IV, a super compact modular, a Jack-of-all-trades.
Gerry Bassermann, Product Specialist Sequential Circuits at the SyntoNovo/TINRS booth.

Link to a first impression (in German) of the PAN: https://www.amazona.de/superbooth-19-syntonovo-pan-synthesizer-aus-holland/

Link to another impression of the PAN at the SuperBooth 2019: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/superbooth-19-a/1264634-syntonovo-pan-biggest-sounding-synth-superbooth.html#post13978195