For as far as anything can ever be ‘done’ on Technoplanet, we’re ‘done’ now with the design of PAN, SyntoNovo’s Analog Synth with its innovative XYZPression™ Keyboard – a distinguishably different synth with even more surprising features. Fully analog audio path and virtual patching from any CV source to any destination. All CV outputs are available for use with external modular synths set up, as well as is MIDI over USB.

PAN was premiered at the Berlin  SuperBooth2018 – a backbreaking but glorious event!

For those who fell in love with SYRINX: although there is an over two millenniums old Greek mythological romance between them, Pan is not an effort to do a remake of Syrinx. She might be, though, one of the exceptions to the rule that “nothing should be copied, because copying kills progress”. An answer one would get from the late magnificent Mr Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland,  when asked why he didn’t redo TR808.

PAN is a large modular synth with no cords attached. We have resuscitated, however, some of the fine ideas which proved to be extremely fruitful in Synton’s Syrinx – such as the formant filter – by implementing them in PAN.